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Reimagining Hemostasis Testing By Filling The Information Gap To Impact Clinical Decision Making

FloBio LLC, formed in August 2017 as a spin-out of the University of Pennsylvania (UOP), is pioneering a novel fluidic-based diagnostic platform technology that assesses bleeding and thrombotic risk at the point-of-care, with clinical applications being developed for emergency critical care patients. Although widely used in research labs, microfluidic devices have rarely been used at the point-of-care due to obstacles in manufacturing scale-up, and the technical expertise required. The company was founded by Dr. Scott Diamond, an expert in microfluidics and blood biology.

FloBio resides at the state-of-the-art Pennovation Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a portfolio company of Penn Center for Innovation Ventures (PCIV).

The company continues to advance its diagnostic technology, benchmarking progress to date with a Research Use Only (RUO) system successfully demonstrating technical and clinical feasibility.

World Class Team, Diverse, Proven Track Record

FloBio has compiled a world class team, including diagnostic industry leaders, clinical collaborators, and experts in emergency, trauma and critical care. Together, we are committed to bringing the long needed innovation to the hemostasis testing market.

Jerri Ann Thatcher


Scott L. Diamond

Founder, Scientific Advisor

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Mark Kunkel


IMG_20210423_162204_edit2 J Rossi

Jason M. Rossi, PhD

Lead Research Scientist
and Co-Inventor

Gary Feiss

IVD, Clinical, Regulatory Consultant

Bhavana Mohanraj, PhD

Business Advisor, PCIV

Sasha Schrode

Sasha Schrode

Business Advisor

Dr. Alan Wright

Medical Advisor

Nicole Sunderland, RN

Clinical Advisor


Dr. Adam Cuker

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Niels Martin

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Thomas Diacovo

Clinical Advisor

Addressing The Need For Improved Hemostasis Testing

Empowering Rapid and Evidence Based Decision Making and Improving Outcomes

Existing testing approaches fail to provide an adequate understanding of blood clotting behavior, especially in the presence of anticoagulation drugs, taking too long for use in emergency care, or failing to identify the source of the problem. Clinicians are left with indirect or incomplete results and often leading to empiric treatment and/or delayed decisions or care.

Our first test in development addresses the growing need for Direct Oral Anticoagulant testing and evidence based reversl strategies by identifying DOAC presence, class and levels.

Proven Science and Versatile Platform

Our technology is based on more than 10 years of research from the Diamond Lab at the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Medicine and Engineering. Dr. Scott Diamond, FloBio’s founder, has produced more than 30 related publications, which demonstrate the scientific rationale and proof of concept; including a broad range of clinical and pharmacologic applications where understanding bleeding and clotting risk is essential.

Our versatile R&D pipeline includes tests for anticoagulation drug activity, trauma-induced coagulopathy, and neonate applications.
complex patients.

Patent Pending Device

May 2022: NIH Phase 2 SBIR

August 2020: NIH Phase 1 SBIR

September 2019: NIH Phase 1 SBIR

November 2020: NSF Phase 1 SBIR

Spring 2021: NSF Bootcamp

March 2019: PPDC Grant Award

Technology Well Supported And Scientifically Validated