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FloBio is pioneering a novel point-of-care diagnostic platform that analyzes flowing blood to assess blood clotting function under physiologic conditions.

Addressing The Need For Timely and Cost Effective Decisions

In emergency settings, rapid diagnosis of clotting defects can make the different between life and death.  Yet there is a critical piece missing where timely and actionable information is needed to assess bleeding and thrombotic risk.   Current coagulation tests take to long and lack the complete picture to be effectively used in emergency settings.  With more than 150M ED visits annually, this blind spot presents a challenge in identifying and managing patients who present with impaired coagulation states.

Our Quaker Roots

FloBio is a spin-out of the University of Pennsylvania founded in 2017 and is based at the Pennovation Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The company also operates out of the PA Biotech Center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 

Our Technology

Our platform technology will include a fully automated table top analyzer and a proprietary microfluidic device that evalautes the patient’s blood biology in real-time, under physiological and dynamic flow conditions.

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